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Bill O'Reilly Selectively Edits Joan Walsh Interview

Crooks and Liars
Tuesday June 16, 2009 09:00 am
Bill O'Reilly Selectively Edits Joan Walsh Interview
By Nicole Belle

How do you know that you've made Bill O'Reilly feel like a chump? When he decides that he's going to re-run his interview with you, without you there to defend yourself, and then selectively edit the footage and ignore large swaths of actual fact-based information (as opposed to the largely non-fact-based "reporting" so prevalent to Fox News). Such is the case with's Joan Walsh, who so thoroughly humiliated Billo on Friday that I'm sure he stewed over it all weekend and decided that he had to reassert his lost manhood by bringing on sycophantic Mary Katherine Ham and Juan Williams to reassure him that Billo was still da man.

Note Bill's disingenuous framing of the whole interview: it's all about how the crazed liberals have no regard for the rights of th

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