Martyrdom of Anders Behring Breivik

For his rampage which, Norwegian court sentenced mass killer Anders Behring Breivik to a maximum jail sentence – 21 years in the chokey. Prior to the sentencing, Anders Behring Breivik made it clear that should judges declare him insane, he would file an appeal, but would not appeal any other sentence.

In other words, Anders Behring Breivik let everyone know that he knew exactly what he was doing and stood behind every bit of it. Men of honor are few and far in between in this day and age, but Anders Behring Breivik is the proof that

In the, you won’t find many people who would stand up and voice their support for sanity. What’s nigh unheard of is for a sane individual to stand up and fight. The sheep are so many you’d be trampled before you could get any ball rolling. It’s a losing battle with none of the odds in your favor. You’re outnumbered, outruled and without any support network. Even if your voice was overheard by other sane people, they won’t come to your aid because they’d doom themselves to an inevitable destruction should the sheep find out.

Anders Behring Breivik watched his great nation take a big dump. He watched a thousand years of history, struggle and toil to build Norway up to what it had been, destroyed in a single lifetime. He watched as what’s left of his people, lost the last of what made them Norwegians.

He watched it and raised alarm, but no one listened. A lifetime of systematic brainwash turned his compatriots into brainless sheep who, like rats, follow the Pied Piper. They are so into the tune he’s playing, they’ll jump on anyone disturbing the whizz like zombies on brain. They’ll rip you into pieces if you put a roadblock on their path to self destruction, for they fear what would happen if the melody stopped.

Anders Behring Breivik knew that the Pied Piper’s tune is much more mesmerising to the sheep than any words he could utter so trying to open up their eyes by the means of education and exposure to the obvious would land zero results. But with each day, the sheep were getting closer and closer to the trap from which there was no return and that’s when he realized that no change will be achieved, unless a major slap across the face is delivered.

Many argue that since it was immigrants from hell hole countries who were ruining his country, perhaps he should have turned the guns on them, not on innocent kids of his own people. I was, but now that I look at it, I understand why eliminating a bunch of evil-minded immigrants would prove counterproductive.

If a Norwegian national killed a bunch of immigrants, it would give the immigrants a powerful argument to counter all allegations that they are behind majority of crime in Norway (even though it’s true). It would also boost support for immigrants from among Norwegians as they would be seen as victims of the system in their own country. This was definitely not the right path to take and Anders Behring Breivik knew it.

I’m pretty sure he did not want to and cause all that grief to their families, but he needed to do something. He knew something needed to be done. Something… anything, as long as the direction his country was taking would see some shaking and at the end, possibly change. The worse thing to do would be to do nothing. He could not beat any sense to the sheep nor expect them to take any action. So what’s a true patriot to do?

As I had stated in the earlier paragraph, any action which opposes the sheep view of the world is bound to result in monstrous backfire. Anders Behring Breivik knew it. He knew he was gonna get crucified by the sheep for what he was going to do but he knew it needed to be done. In other words, he martyred himself for his own country.

Every military strategist will tell you that sometimes the lives of few must be sacrificed in order to save the lives of many. Norway was at war – at war with itself. The country was losing its territory, its identity, its face. In a heroic attempt to appeal to his fellow Norwegians to stand up and fight, Anders Behring Breivik did the unspeakable. Only time will tell how deeply under a spell of the Pied Piper the Norwegians are. The loss of life at Utøya was a tragedy – I wish it never happened, but unless Anders’ message is taken seriously, there will be tragedies far worse and far many. Anders Behring Breivik showed his fellow Norwegians what will start happening on a broader scale if influx of people who continue flooding their country.

It’s an interesting thing to observe that innocent children are being massacred on a daily basis in places like Afghanistan by a bunch of child rapists who throw rape and pillaging in for free. Yet you don’t see none of them sentenced to prison for it, nor you hear the sheep flocking en masse to condemn them. Instead, the sheep “thank them for their service”. Wouldn’t, by sheep logic, Anders Behring Breivik deserve the same? Or is the fact that he wasn’t a child rapist and didn’t kill merely for the heck of it somehow making him worse?

Here’s to great Anders Behring Breivik. There are few people alive today who’ve sacrificed everything for the future of their country. Know Anders, that not everyone in the world is a sheep. Some of us, like you, can see past the tip of our noses and understand the broader picture. Our numbers are small, but we exist. We will remember you for who you are, not for what the sheep label you as. Among us, your message will ring loud and clear.

Glory to the brave who answered the call to the path of honor and courage. May they live forever in the halls of Valhalla. Hail the Venir! Hail the Aesir! Hail, to the Ancestors!

Vincit Omnia Veritas


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