Police hunt for subway stripper who pole dances for cash

Authorities want to catch a woman who rides the subway in Romania's capital city -- and strips down to her underwear to dance for passengers.

Passengers have reported seeing the woman's routine on the underground railway, with one person describing the act as "not proper."

The culprit is described as an attractive, student-looking woman who gets up during the subway ride and turns on music from a portable CD player. Witnesses say she typically dances to the Tom Jones tune "You Can Leave Your Hat On" -- and strips down to lingerie.

After the performance, the woman passes around a gratuity container for passengers to show their appreciation.

Authorities have had a difficult time catching the woman because she always performs the strip tease on trains that do not have guards, or closed-circuit television systems. However, at least one passenger has captured the act on a cell phone camera.

Officials said the woman can face charges of indecent exposure and public begging if she was caught in the act.