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Arizona: Smugglers with rifles and a 24,000.00 load of illegals


These pictures are from last Thursday night west of the Trico Gate. A
group of about 12 came in behind
us through a heavy mesquite thicket around midnight. The group sat
down and these two guys climbed the fence onto a ranch property. The
wandered around for a while and then came back toward the group. We
were probably about 100 yards south of them. They must have heard
something because the stood staring in our direction for about 5
minutes. It wasn't until I played the video back that I noticed that
both of these guys had rifles. You can clearly see one guy bending
over to pick up a rifle and hand it to the other guy. Then the guy
bends over again and picks up his own rifle and they go out of
sight. Also, the pictures of these guys out in the open on the ranch
property shows them both holding something long and black (cold). If
the still photographs don't con

Added: Mar-3-2007 
Middle East
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