Russian TV: "Russia attacks Sweden" parody!

Comes after the Swedish Commander in Chief Sverger Göranson back in December stated that "Sweden wouldn't last a week of real war in our current state."

"The Armed Forces and its personnel delivering great quality every day, but I also have a responsibility to our successors in five or ten years given the same conditions," said a concerned Sverker Goranson as appropriations are not sufficient for the defense by the Riksdag. Here, during a mission in defense TP 100 (Saab 340) Bromma Kiruna recently.

Back in the spring war researches asked the core question: "Can we defend ourselves?" And now accounts Supreme Commander for the first time in plain text:

- We can defend ourselves against an attack with a limited objective. We are talking about a week on our own.

If Sweden is attacked from two sides, can we handle it?

- No, when we can not do it but not for very long, so are the facts, answers Sverker Goranson.
Chief explains that the military threat seen against Sweden is different than the Cold War, major invasions. Today on other scenarios Armed Forces tried in secret games. In these exposed Sweden for limited military violence. An attacker's purpose would be to an international crisis put Sweden with a fait accompli. This by eliminating a major city (eg Stockholm) or take a limited geographical area (a part of the country or Gotland).

We can therefore manage a limited attack for a week?

- Yes, since our resources are cut down in such a way that the resistance is not so great anymore, responds Sverker Goranson.

A week into the battle expecting supreme commander of Sweden receives military assistance - but not from the EU, where we are members, "it is not a military alliance." Instead, he mentions how Sweden in a staff training led by NATO in 2011 fielded most of their Gripen planes to rescue Norway affected by exercise enemy. He expects the same solidarity of Sweden attacked.
- I see the Nordic cooperation in this perspective. We have no contract with them in any way, we remain militarily non-aligned.

You said last summer that without more money you have to spend a defense branch, for it still?

- Yes, replies Supreme Commander.

The allocated money is not enough to to run the defense that the politicians decided that Sweden should have. Why did Supreme Commander by "government decision 7" 4 October mission to propose new efficiencies and cuts. If the answer Sverker Goranson to leave March 1 he says only:

- It is an extremely tough task.