Stuck Mojo - Open Season

Stuck Mojo/Red Sky Filming/Intersonic Multimedia

"Open Season" is the bold video that has taken the Net by storm. From the new album, "Southern Born Killers," Stuck Mojo has taken a clear ... all ? stand against global Jihadists who would seek to do more harm within our borders. You can find out more about the band and download the entire new album FREE at

About This Video by Rich Ward (guitarist and founder)

1) The Open Season video is not an animated feature that uses propaganda to make extreme Islam look bad.

2) The images were not staged.

3) These images because they tell a story that most of us pass off as something that will work itself out so we go back to our TVs and Playstations.

This song is about a global enemy that is compelled by spiritual teachings to convert or kill. The threat is not limited to Israel or America. If it was, then why is this virus present in Algeria, Sudan, Somalia, Indonesia, the former Soviet Union, the Philippines, India, France, Spain and Darfur? Why are Buddhist and Hindu temples set on fire and the followers of these peaceful religions attacked?

We can argue about percentages of peaceful Muslims vs. extremists, but that will get us no further than trying to determine how many Germans actually supported Hitler during the late 1930's. The threat is growing. Understanding why Hitler wanted to destroy the Jewish people did not stop it from happening. Nor will understanding the motives of Jihadists keep them from following through with what they believe they are compelled to do by their god.

Why is it a news story for MONTHS when a Catholic Priest molests a child? NO ONE is afraid of offending Catholics by suggesting that the Catholic Church protected morally deviant priests. But God forbid we discuss the fact that NOT ALL Muslims are terrorists, but that ALMOST ALL terrorists ARE Muslim. Under Sharia law women are stoned to death for being in a relationship with a Christian or leaving Islam. If a woman is raped, she has to produce FOUR witnesses that will testify on her behalf or no charges can be made. Homosexuals are stoned to death. Gotta love that religion of peace!

This video is NOT attacking Islam. This video does NOT lump all Muslims in with the terrorists. No one in the Stuck Mojo organization is a racist or a bigot, but I refuse to ignore these events so as to keep from offending anyone.

Respectfully, Rich Ward
- video encodings still in process -