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Armed, Naked, And Dangerous: Man With AK-47 Shoots Police Robot

by Mark Joyella | 2:23 pm, April 7th, 2011

It’s okay. We’ve got time. Go ahead and read the headline one more time. Take it all in. And remember, this stuff is why we let Florida stay a part of the country. Because on a regular basis, the Sunshine State delivers news oddities so damn odd you’ve just got to smile. And, of course, be glad these things don’t happen elsewhere. So here we go. A naked man, described by WESH-TV anchors as “armed, naked, and dangerous,” opens fire on a police SWAT team robot. (Because, you know, even the most badass police–the ones with the amazing weapons and the best training–know enough not to try and talk to a naked guy with an AK)

They send the robot to the door and the naked guy starts shooting. Best part? The robot’s got a camera and catches it all on tape. I know what you’re thinking. The only way this could get any better is th

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