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Race-Baiting Dem Caught on Spanish-TV Pitting Latinos Against Asiansby Larry O'Connor
Many observers believe that the turning point in Scott Brown’s inspiring Senate win in January was when he was able to shake-loose the Democratic narrative that somehow he was trying to take away “Ted Kennedy’s Seat” from the Democrats. His brilliant response, “It’s the PEOPLE’S seat” became a campaign slogan and, eventually, the theme of his victory speech.

Are we now witnessing another such moment in Orange County California?

Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez appeared on Spanish-language Univision to appeal to her most important voting base: Latino voters. Perhaps with a false assumption that only Latinos from the left were listening, she let slip an offensive and patronizing charge: The Vietnamese are trying to take the seat from Latinos.

Rep. Sanchez district has seen an enormous influx of Vietnamese immigrants over the past two decades. There have often been tensions between the Latino population and the new arrivals from Asia. Because the vast majority of Vietnamese immigrants arrived here seeking refuge from a communist, totalitarian regime, they tend to lean more to the right than their Mexican counterparts.

Rep. Sanchez’ opponent is Van Tran, an impressive and inspiring figure who is living the American dream. He is a role-model to his community and he represents the values and economic philosophies of the Republican party as well as anyone. And, he is on the verge of defeating Sanchez.

This video could provide Mr. Tran with his “Scott Brown Moment”. Let’s hope he has an opportunity to remind Ms. Sanchez that California’s 47th Congressional District is not Sanchez’ seat and not the Democrat’s seat and not the Latino’s seat.

It’s the people’s seat.


Some Democrats Advance by Attacking Their Own
Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010 04:20 PM Article Font Size
By: Dan Weil

Some Democratic congressional candidates in danger of losing are going after their own leaders in Washington rather than their Republican opponents. And for at least one candidate, the strategy appears to be working, The Hill reports. Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin recently issued an ad criticizing Washington for viewing her sate as merely “flyover country.”

The South Dakota Democrat says in the ad: “They look down from 30,000 feet and don’t care about our agriculture, the Second Amendment, or our fiscally conservative values.”

The most recent Rasmussen poll shows Herseth Sandlin with 47-45 percent edge over Republican Kristi Noem. That compares with a 51-42 percent Noem lead in Rasmussen’s August poll.

Anti-gun mayoral criminals have something else in common
September 22nd, 2010 11:38 am PT.Do you like this story?
Shameless plug for my esteemed colleague David Codrea, the National Gun Rights Examiner; in his column yesterday, he asked why so many anti-gun mayors are criminals.

He overlooked another “common denominator” among several former members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) who have taken a fall in court: They all share the same political party affiliation. Codrea lists several mayors who were MAIG members who have been convicted of various crimes, so this column did a little checking. Every one of them is a Democrat.

This might not matter much except for yesterday’s high-profile busts in Bell, CA where city officials have been sacked after having been exposed for their grotesquely high salaries and perks. According to a piece in News Busters today, the one thing reporters seem to be consistently leaving out of their stories on this scandal is the fact that all of these suspects are (gasp!) Democrats. (It’s a detail that frequently gets overlooked by the press, which tends to bury the fact that someone is a Democrat if charged with a crime, while it’s never been an issue reporting that some Republican got sacked for breaking the law. Go figure.)

One commenter at CNN's online story got it spot on: ‘I notice there is no mention of the party affiliation of the accused. I can find no mention of it in any story on the internet. This must mean they were all Democrats.’ Give the man a cigar.—NewsBusters

I did a book with Alan Gottlieb called These Dogs Don't Hunt: The Democrats' War on Guns. In detailing the history of gun control in the United States, one factor jumped out repeatedly and consistently: Virtually all major gun control efforts including the outrageous Black Codes in the post-Civil War South were the handiwork of Democrats.

Over the years, the Democratic Party has come to be known as “the party of gun control.” Despite efforts by some pro-gun Democrats to change that image, the brand burns deeper whenever prominent Democrats including Sen. Dianne Feinstein or Charles Schumer start talking about guns. Early in the Obama administration, Attorney General Eric Holder put his foot firmly in mouth when he raised the possibility of renewing the ban on so-called “assault weapons” in reaction to the Mexican drug cartel wars. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t help matters any when she mentioned the subject. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is a Democrat, and a fanatic about gun control whose post-McDonald case gun control measure has gotten him sued again. The Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation and Illinois State Rifle Association, which teamed up to win the McDonald case in the Supreme Court, have partnered up a second time to challenge Daley's gun law, which this column discussed here.

Here in Washington State, every piece of anti-gun legislation introduced over the past few years has come from Democrats, and primarily Democrats from Seattle. Senator Patty Murray, while not from Seattle, hails from Bothell, a Seattle suburb, and that's close enough philosophically and geographically for her critics. She has supported every gun control initiative on Capitol Hill during her three terms in the U.S. Senate.

As this column discussed yesterday, the Obama administration is pretty well-stocked with gun prohibitionists, the latest addition being former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels. He’s been named as an alternate representative to the United Nations at a time when that body is considering at least two measures, one of which is an international small arms treaty. This certainly did not bode well for the Bellevue-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, which was a party to the lawsuit against Nickels and the Seattle Parks gun ban. They blasted the appointment.

By naming Greg Nickels as an alternate representative at the U.N. President Obama has essentially told America’s 85 million gun owners that their firearm civil rights are in jeopardy. Nickels cannot be counted on to defend the Second Amendment because he would like to see it erased from the Constitution.”—CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb

Nickels was a founding member of MAIG, and he is about as liberal a Democrat as one will find, except perhaps for his successor, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn. Both of these gents are anti-gun extremists. To their credit, all of their legal troubles are on the civil court side.

However, it certainly does their efforts no good when so many of their former colleagues at MAIG, who share their political party affiliation, end up being convicted for various crimes. This is not to say Republicans are spotless, because they are not. However, it certainly tarnishes the image of a political party claiming to take the moral high ground against guns when several of their key players end up on the wrong side of the law. Good for Codrea for digging this information out about the "illegal mayors."

This column will be on assignment to San Francisco this weekend covering the 25th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference. We will report from there during the event, which promises to be lively.
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