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2/17.Is Terrorism A Muslim Monopoly? - by Dr. Zakir Naik

Part 2/17.Is terrorism a muslim monopoly??? by Dr Zakir Naik(Hafizulla)

Took place in Mumbai in front of a jam packed crowd, at the Shanmukhananda auditorium on 11th Sept 2006. He also gave a similar lecture at Jeddah in the last week of September, 2006.
Dr. Zakir Naik said that historic records proved that a large number of terrorist acts in the 20th and 21st century were committed by non-Muslims. The so-called global phenomenon of "Islamic terrorism/militant Islam" was a creation of the western governments and their media outlets, he said.

"Politics lies at the heart of labeling Muslims across the globe as perpetrators of terror acts, " he added.

Dr. Zakir, who is one of the Muslim world's leading and most prolific speakers, quoted from the scriptures of other religions and proved that associating killing with Islam is incorrect.

"It says in the Book of Numbers that whoever wo

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