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‘Metrosexuals’ Epidemic in Pakistan

LAHORE: In Pakistan, as militant wage war on anything smacking of Western culture, “metrosexual” man is quietly on the rise.

Confounding expectations in a country where most street scenes are filled with men wearing the traditional shalwar kameez, a simple cotton tunic, male grooming salons are springing up in the main cities.

Despite Pakistan’s dire economy and widespread poverty, rich urbanites have more disposable cash than ever and are now spending it on their image, says Hassan Kilde Bajwa, of Synergy advertising agency.

Bajwa says the rise of the metrosexual, or “metropolitan heterosexual” man, is a result of a liberalised banking sector and a massive explosion of media in a country that 15 years ago had just two television channels and no FM radio.

“Now people have a much greater disposable income because of all the banking reforms we have had over the past


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