IDF source: Incident yesterday in which a van rammed into 3 soldiers was a hit and run, Not attack

An Israeli security source said Thursday that an initial investigation into what was believed to be a vehicular terror attack Wednesday night in Gush Etzion was actually a hit and run.
This direction is based on the possibility that the suspects may not fit the profile of terrorists, even ones who could act on their own, separate from an organization.

Hamam Masalmeh, the driver of a large commercial vehicle that rammed into three IDF soldiers standing near a pillbox by al-Arroub in the West Bank, turned himself in to Israeli custody. Both he and another suspected arrested earlier were questioned.

Speaking to AFP, Masalmeh's uncle Omar said this was an accident, and that his nephew lost control of his car.

The Shin Bet said Engineering troops from Battalion 603 arrested another suspect, believed to have aided Masalmeh. Overnight, several Palestinians were arrested near al-Arroub refugee camp outside Hebron, several of those relatives of the suspected attacker.

In Wednesday's attack, the second vehicular attack that day, a Palestinian driving a large commercial vehicle rammed into three IDF soldiers standing near a pillbox by al-Arroub in the West Bank. One suffered moderate-to-severe injuries and the other two were moderately wounded. The three, who were taken to the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem's Ein Kerem, underwent operations overnight.

The wounded soldiers were from a battalion deployed to Gush Etzion. The troops were securing Highway 60 that is adjacent to the al-Arroub refugee camp, where stones and Molotov cocktails are thrown at Israeli vehicles every day.,7340,L-4588968,00.html

- This can show quite clear the IDF prefer to stick with facts, Not with blaiming and framing people for terror or other attacks - When they find out hitting their troops was an accident they report it, just like they report a Palestinian was shot when he tried to attack soldiers or civilians. In contrary to the Palestinian reports in which every time an Arab driver chase after pedestrians in the streets of Jerusalem it must have been he lost control over his car, the poor fellow...

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