By 2100, every fourth inhabitant of the Europe will be - muslim

Muslims for decades increasing their presence in Europe. Many of them have two, three or more generations living on the continent.

Islam today is already the second largest religion after Christianity in Europe. A still is - a religion that is the fastest spreading.

The number of Muslims in Europe has risen from 29.6 million in 1990 to over 46 million. Thus, the proportion of Muslims in the total population of Europe during the same period increased from 4.1 to 6 per cent, which means that it increased by almost 50 percent in just 20 years.

According to approximate estimates, the 2030 Muslims will comprise 8 percent of the population in Western Europe, and the year 2100 - one in four European Union shall be a member of Islam.

Here's what holds the position of Islam and Western European countries.


Islam is the second religion in France by the number of members, and the most expansive by increasing their number. Most modern Muslims of France belongs to the first, second and third generation immigrants from former French colonies in which Islam is the dominant religion.

French Muslim community is one of the largest in Europe. Most Muslims in the country with an Arab or Berber origin, but there are Turks, blacks and whites Frenchman who converted to Islam.

Most Muslims live in large cities, primarily in Paris and Marseilles.

In France there are more than 2,100 mosques, and the number of Muslims has exceeded 6 million.


In this country there are between 3.8 and 4.3 million Muslims, who make up about five percent of the total population.

About 65 percent are Sunni, Shiite, 7 percent, and 13 percent of Alawites (current members of tolerant Islam that advocate for religious freedom and equality for women).

In Germany there are Wahhabis, members of the extremely conservative and extreme directions in Islam. German media usually put an equal sign between them and the Islamists.

It is estimated that there are about 6,000, but are under the greatest scrutiny of the German secret services and the police.

United Kingdom

Islam is in this country and other religions by believers. By the census of 2011 in the UK lives of 2.7 million Muslims, who make up 4.8 percent of the total population.

The vast majority of British Muslims live in England and Wales (up to 1,591 million). Around 42,000 Muslims (0.84 per cent of the total population) live in Scotland, and about 2,000 in Northern Ireland.

There is information that in 2011 converted in 100,000 British nationals, among which 66 percent were women. During the 2012 - it made more 5,200 Britons.

Neophytes are recruited mainly in prisons and schools.

Italy and Spain

Among the five najmuslimanskijih Western Europe are Italy (1.5 million - 2, 5 per cent of the population) and Spain (1 million - 2.2 percent of the population).


Up to 50-years of the last century, the Netherlands was living an insignificant number of Muslims. However, already in 2004 their number increased to 994.000.

Today, Islam in this country and other religions in the number of supporters. With the exception of Christianity - Muslims have as much as members of all other religions together.

The 128 Dutch cities there are 380 mosques. In Amsterdam it is 29, in Rotterdam - 26, in The Hague - 21.

Austria and Sweden

The number of Muslims in Austria as early as 2009 approached 500,000.

Similar figures are for Sweden.

Muslims make up 4.2 percent of the population of Austria and around five per cent of the population of Sweden.


In this country there are about 150,000 Muslims. Half of them are citizens of Oslo and Akershus.

In the last few years, the number of Muslims in this Scandinavian country has increased by ten percent.