A new method for thugs to make money

After detecting a car in traffic and choose their "client" they begin to tease him and try to make him to crash into their car. "After we hit, I was threatened that if I do not give them 500 RON they will call the police and i will lose my license. I said I wanted to go to the police and they asked me only 200 RON. After they realise I won't give them money, they started threatening me saying they will cut me with the knife, because they do not have time to spend time with the police". This is the driver statement.

As a romanian, i'm glad that more then 50% of all the gypsies went abroad "for a better life" but the down side is that all the western contries now consider all romanians to be gypsies because of these scums.
I posted a few videos about gypsies and i read some comments written by ignorant idiots who were saying that all the romanians are gypsies, because of that i needed to clear things up.