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British Army kit "incomparable" with five years ago.

Infantry kit "incomparable" with five years ago.

Following improvements to the Urgent Operational Requirement system in recent years the personal kit of infantry soldiers has changed dramatically reflecting the needs of fighting counter-insurgencies in hot environments.


Today's kit: Cpl Warner, RAF Regiment, wearing the Osprey Body Armour, now used by all troops deploying to desert climates. Cpl Warner is also carrying the A2 rifle incorporating the Underslung Grenade Launcher (UGL) with thermal sight. In the background is a Warrior FV510 with additional protection (WRAP2) INTENSIVE Explosive Reactive Armour (IERA)


Back then: Cpl Hindhaugh, RAF Regiment, wearing the protective desert gear used up until 2003, incorporating the SA80 which was used in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait.

The equipment issued to infantry soldiers has needed to deve

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