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Battlefields Tunisia- Pt 7 of 11
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To call the nearly year long campaign in Tunisia North Africa the "Battle of Tunisia" is false. In the end, the reasons the Allies were able to succeed at Tunisia are the same reasons the Axis was able to hold Tunisia for so long in the beginning: more men and supplies, superior air power, a strong command structure and experienced fighting men.
The taking of the Tunisia by the Allied American and British forces from November 1942 to May 1943 was not one battle but many. The race by the Allies to take Tunisia came upon the heels of of Rommel's defeat to Montgomery at the last battle of El Alamein. In Egypt, General Bernard Montgomery's British Eighth Army was able dislodge General Erwin Rommel's Afrika Group Army( a group made up of Germany and Italian troops). Rommel and his men in retreat raced west for Tunisia where it's mountains and narrow valleys would provide the perfect staging

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