Thief attempts to rob woman on the street doesn't end as planned

Police are looking for the perpetrator of the attempted robbery against a lawyer of 32 years, on the morning of Friday, 28, around 08h 30, at Rua Cel. Great, near the Acarajé Itapuã City Center.

Images from a camera installed in a property show the individual approaching the victim on the sidewalk to steal your mobile device. He was conducting a CG motorcycle - 125 (Honda), black, OKK plate 4930, Barriers / BA.

The helmet is making it difficult to identify, but the civil police will try to discover the identity of the thief through the bike popular data and information.

According to the Military Police, the same motorcycle was possibly used in a robbery at Rua Marechal Deodoro, near the Valdemir the steak had a lady, of whom the robber took an LG brand mobile phone, white.