Giant Crocodile Scares Fishermen in Western Australia

<p>Two fishermen were scared off by a giant crocodile in Kununurra, Western Australia, on May 21.</p>
<p>Matt Cox and his friend were out fishing for barramundi in the <a href="; target="_blank">Ord River</a> when they decided to go out “croc spotting.”</p><p>The men encountered what Cox described as a " 4.5-5m Saltwater Croc on the bank with 3 legs." The pair decided to steer their boat towards the shoreline to have a closer look at the animal. However, the crocodile was not happy about the unwanted attention and made a menacing leap towards the boat and scared the men enough to quickly navigate the boat away from the croc.</p>
<p>Although the men did not expect the crocodile to leap at them, Cox stated that they found the incident thrilling because his friend from Victoria had never seen a crocodile before. Credit: Matt Cox-Northbound Charters via Storyful</p>


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