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self healing asphalt

The road construction company Heijmans calls it a worlds first.
In Tilburg they applied a pavement made ​​of self-healing, noise reducing asphalt. In the Great Venstraat on industrial Kraaiven 3 machines in one pass the finish on both the main carriageway & two bicycle lanes (In red). The municipality of Tilburg invited the company to click on a piece of 1300 square meters, the new invention to apply. It is asphalt which besides bitumen and filler particles are processed wool. When the bitumen is out of date, and there hairline cracks may be the road surface due to heating to be closed again, thanks to the conductive properties of the steel. Heijmans explained earlier self healing meso-asphalt on a test section of the A58. In Tilburg involves an urban variant, no thicker than 2.5 centimeters. "There is a lot at that location and in-swinging heavy load of freight. In this way we e

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