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Iraq - "Our allies in Iraq" (Jan.2002)

"Northern Iraq would appear to be thriving. Supermarkets, internet cafes, busy streets; all the trappings of modernity. The Western protected Kurdish enclave in Northern Iraq was established after the Gulf War to protect Kurds from Saddam. But now Kurds fear they'll be dragged into America's next round of war. They are natural allies in any future attack on Iraq but they are hesitant. "We are against a strike, because so far it has been proven that apart from misery and problems for Iraqi people it has achieved nothing before," says Prime Minister Barzani. The West has been happy to keep Saddam out of the Kurdish enclave, but has been less eager to allow the mini-state true independence. Iraq's Kurds have been isolated from the world, under strict sanctions and with journalists barred access. Our report shows that despite this, Iraq's Kurds have developed a fledgling democracy and made a

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