Stockbroker Hit-and-Run Driver Escapes Felony Charges, Job Too Important

Morgan Stanley financial adviser escapes felony charges for hit-and-run that cripples an organ transplant doctor "because it could jeopardise his job"...

A stockbroker in Denver is giving everyone yet another reason to hate anything associated with Wall Street.

Martin Joel Erzinger, a billion dollar Morgan Stanley Smith Barney financial advisor, managed to dodge felony charges on a hit-and-run incident that left his victim with spinal cord injuries and bleeding from the brain.

Steven Milo, a NYC physician and organ transplant surgeon, was allegedly hit by Erzinger’s black 2010 Mercedes while biking near Denver. Instead of stopping, Erzinger drove away and stopped in a Pizza Hut parking lot where he called the Mercedes auto assistance service to report damage to his car but did not ask for police, court documents say.

He was arrested later and told police he was unaware he hit Milo. Meanwhile another motorist stopped to help Milo and called 911.

The original complaint against the broker includes a felony charge for causing serious bodily injury. But the felony charge has since been dropped, and Erzinger now just faces two misdemeanor traffic charges.

In a strange way, Erzinger’s success as financial advisor for Morgan Stanley has helped get the felony charge dropped.

Here’s the trick: Erzinger is supposedly willing to pay restitution. As a result, prosecutors argue that Erzinger’s job with MSSB will be at risk if felony charges are pursued and as a result his ability to pay the restitution will be jeopardized. No job=no restitution.

Needless to say the victim and his attorneys are not pleased. Dr. Milo said, “Mr Erzinger struck me, fled and left me for dead on the highway,’ he wrote. ‘Neither his financial prominence nor my financial situation should be factors in your prosecution of this case.” He told the prosecutor that the case “has always been about responsibility, not money.”

Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case for anyone working for Wall Street.

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