53 families live in Fukushima evacuation zones

NHK has learned that 4 years after the nuclear disaster members of 53 households are living in the areas still designated as evacuation zones around the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

There are currently 10 municipalities around the crippled plant where the Japanese government has established evacuation zones due to high levels of radioactive fallout.

The zones are divided into 3 types based on levels of radioactivity. The government allows residents from the middle and lower level types to return home temporarily during the daytime. No overnight stays are allowed anywhere within the zones.

NHK talked with groups doing security patrols, and has found people live in at least 53 households in the zone. Some live in the most contaminated areas.

The residents reportedly say it is difficult to adapt to a new environment. Others comment they have to take care of livestock left in the zone.

A man who chose to remain to oversee livestock told NHK that he could not abandon the animals and wants to stay in his hometown his whole life.