Speak softly and carry a 12-gauge

Houston TX. October 11, 2007
Nathaniel Brooks stole a line from an old Western movie to capture a pair of burglars. A Fort Bend County homeowner fought back when he found burglars in his home.

?You know there's something about when you hear a pump shotgun click,? said Nathaniel Brooks. ?It makes everybody think twice.?

And the two burglars did think twice.

?You are trying to steal something out of my garage,? Brooks recalled telling the robbers. ?You in my garage so you have no rights now. This is my house.?

He saw them through his back door rummaging through his garage.

?And I walked out of the house and I went around and confronted those guys on the side of the house,? he said. ?So, I aimed at him and said, ?You sneeze, you're dead man.? And I called the other guy out of the garage.

"I watch a lot of movies it sounded like a good thing to say. It got his attention."

Brooks held them at attention until deputies got there two minutes later.

?I feel like I reacted like every homeowner should react,? said Brooks.

Deputies have praised Nathaniel for what he did, said he is well within his rights to do what he did. But they also say he helped them catch someone who has done this many, many times before.

The suspects are Brian Bostic and Richard Holly. Deputies say this isn't Bostic's first time to be arrested for a break in.

Meanwhile, Brooks has the praise of his neighbors.

"I think it's fabulous I wish more people would do it,? said neighbor Charlotte Priest. "I don't blame him. I'd do the same thing myself."

Even Brooks own wife said in 20 years of marriage she had never heard this tough talking guy before.

"And I have never seen that side of him. It?s like I'm a newlywed now,? said Vanessa Brooks.

Yes, life is good again on Cinco Park Place where burglars are reminded to listen, and think twice.

?Don't go to my house. I wouldn't come to my house if I were you,? said Brooks