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Religious Nuts are Ruining American Society

by Bill

The religious nuts are ruining our society. Yep, sure as shootin, these weirdo's are hell bent on taking away our freedoms and forcing us to live in a totalitarian police state.

Most members of the main stream press, the entertainment industry, college faculties, and the Democratic Party would wholeheartedly agree with the previous paragraph. But, of course, they would identify the religious nuts in question as conservative Christians. (Actually, they would identify them as "intolerant, vast-right-wing-conspirative, hate-filled, homophobic, anti-choice, Bible thumping Nazis." But what's a little hysterical rhetoric among friends?)

I, too, agree that religious nuts are ruining our culture. But the true religious nuts today are not the usual suspects. There is another group of people far greater in number than all fundamentalists, evangelicals, and co


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