Saudi admits that "Syrian Revolution" was armed from the start - Aired on BBC Arabic in April 2012 (SUBBED)

Text copy & paste from the source:
On, the Syrian National TV broadcast a video-report about seized weapons in ",36.100833&;amp;amp;spn=0.01,0.01&t=h&q=32.612222,36.100833" mosque in the city of Daraa, just a few days after the beginning of the unrest.
At that time, the entire world accused the Syrian government of fabricating the report. However after more than one year, here they are admitting that the terrorists of Daraa stored weapons in "Al-Omari" mosque. BBC held an interview with "Anwar Al-Eshki", a Saudi Ex-Military (Major General) and now president of "Center for Strategic studies" in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He reveals information about the first days in the Syrian crisis, and he even confirms his connections with the leader of the so-called "Free Syrian Army". They have become so rude and confident, so they admit everything publicly.

The blind sheikh mentioned here is "Ahmad Al-Sayasinah", he used to incite the people against the government. He was arrested by the Syrian security and released later. He left to Jordan then Saudi Arabia. </end of copy & paste>

SANA (report is offline but I found a small piece of text about the event on a none english website and tried to translate it) reported at 23.March 2011 that "On wednesday morning an armed group attacked an medical team near the "Al-Omari Mosque" in Daraa. They killed the doctor, a paramedic and the driver. They also killed a member of the security forces....the stored weapons are among others handgrenades, machine guns and Kalashnikovs."

At 1:24 he mentioned, the uncle of Bashar Assad, he in the event which is known as the "1982 Hama massacre" according to different reports it results in the death of 1000 - 40000 people. The "Hama massacre" ends the years of violence between the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and the Syrian Government and it's citizens. The Brotherhood bombed buses and placed car bombs and also attacked among others the Aleppo Artillery School in 1979 and killed at least 83 cadets. Check the the current "leader" of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood was asked about it in an interview with BBC Arabic.

Check the body language from the Saudi dude he is telling the truth !
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Click for the SANA article from 2011 which shows among others the weapons mentioned above. SANA had to change the URL etc. cause they are blocked in some countries..and their website getting attacked regulary.