Foreigners in Gaza Say Civilians Targeted in Israeli Attack

GAZA – Foreigners, who live in Gaza, said on Saturday that the Israeli attack, which was launched on Dec. 27 on Gaza, was targeting civilians.

Reem Salahi, the U.S. citizen, underlined that killing one or two civilians could be claimed as mistake, however killing hundreds of innocent people could not be claimed as mistake. “I absolutely think that they (Israeli troops) did target civilians…Mistake made ones or twice but they were not made dozens, hundreds, thousands of times.”

Lawyer Noura Erakat, the other U.S. citizen, claimed that the Israeli army did not kill the civilians by accident or lack of care, but they meant to murder them. “(The Israeli soldiers) intentionally target civilians and shot the kill them.”

Ewa Jasiewicz, who works for Palestinian Red Crescent as a volunteer, stressed that Israeli forces in Gaza committed war crimes during the three-week conflict. “In my opinion, the Israeli occupation forces did deliberately target the civilians. I believe that they (Israeli forces) are guilty of possible war crimes in terms of extrajudicial killings.”