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SPECIAL WEAPONS: Russian IDA71 military and naval rebreather

The Russian IDA71 military and naval rebreather is an oxygen rebreather intended for use by naval and military divers. As supplied it is in a plain backpack harness with no buoyancy aid. Its casing is metal, not plastic. It has a small optional diluent cylinder which can be clipped on its outside to convert it to nitrox mode. It contains one oxygen cylinder and two absorbent canisters. In the bottom of its casing is an empty space which is intended for an underwater communications set.

Here, "up", "back", etc refer to a man wearing the set standing on land.

It gets thinner towards the lower end, to avoid the frogman being slowed by hydrodynamic drag as he swims. (One rebreather maker tested a rebreather with a big plain rectangular box backpack and found that its big flat stern end cut his swimming speed by half a knot.)

On the front of the harness is a projecting metal plate. T


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By: Brentaubrey
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