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CIA WhistleBlower Susan Lindauer EXPOSES 9/11 and Iraq Conspiracy-CRIMINAL USA Government!

Former CIA Asset, Susan Lindauer, provides an extraordinary first-hand account from behind the intelligence curtain that shatters the government's lies about 9/11 and Iraq, and casts a harsh spotlight on the workings of the Patriot Act as the ideal weapon to bludgeon whistle blowers and dissidents. A terrifying true story of "black budget" betrayals and the Patriot Act, with its arsenal of secret evidence, indefinite detention and threats of forcible drugging,

EXTREME PREJUDICE(Book by Susan Lindauer) reveals one Asset's desperate struggle to survive the brutal cover ups of 9/11 and Iraq. EXTREME PREJUDICE delivers a high tension expose of the real facts surrounding the CIA's advance warnings of 9/11 and Iraq's contributions to the 9/11 investigation.

Further Review and link to the book at this Link.

Added: Sep-23-2011 
By: amy2x
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