3rd World USA example, Revere Beach, Mass

Warning: no sound during amazing slide show of sculptures made out of beach sand, Revere, Massachusetts, August 12, 2015. Duration of slideshow 1 minute 12 seconds, followed by video with sound. It is Free Speech to just comment on one sees. This is a hot topic all over the US, Europe, and any country exploited by bankers and international corporations who want to erase borders, implode economies, and buy us all for pennies on the dollar to run and own absolutely everything while we squabble amongst ourselves.

I have no problem with anyone of any race. Just don't show up and expect me to pay taxes for your housing, food, and for you to enjoy yourself as I work and have to fund you. And, children of any race should not be able publicly urinate and take craps right out in the open like they are the homeless of any race in San Francisco, California, where you are more likely to step in human crap than dog crap.

Children of 3rd world nations coming from Africa and South America are allowed to urinate and defecate right on the beach where people are walking. Fully loaded disposable diapers are just left right on the beach for people to see, step over, or step on. Beautiful artwork was systematically destroyed by these roving bands of out of control children as their parents watched, and did nothing. Very little English language was spoken on beach. I saw almost no Caucasian faces and was looked at as I was the outsider who did not belong on their beach.

I did not film any nudity on beach, nor did I want to get arrested for filming children using the beach as their personal toilet for all to see. If I was on a South American beach, I would expect to see what I saw.

I further expand on this theme in a [starkravingviking.blogspot.com/2015/09/the-real-plague-sprea] post.

European Union countries are being overrun with 3rd World illegal immigrants. So has America. International Corporate/Banker Governance is coming for us all.