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DEBATE: With Donald Morgan (USD 50,000. Update!)

Someone told me that the best way to reach many people is to join Facebook. I did and I sent an invitation to everyone in my address book. (I have not yet figure out how one can read many people through FB) Mr. Donald Morgan, aka Saadiq Mohammad, who apparently was one of the people in my address book, responded and joined me there. He challenged me to a debate and said he can prove me wrong. I have stopped debating with unknown people. That is because they repeat the same things and every time I prove them wrong, other Muslims say, but you did not debate with real scholars. So there is no gain for me debating ordinary Muslims. If they are not scholars it is a waste of my time. If they want to learn the truth all they have to do is read many articles written on

I told Donald that he should first read my book. I know that once Muslims read my book they will either lea


Added: Mar-31-2009 
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