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REPORT from Al Manar TV on the situation at ★Jisr Al Shughour★ front lines [ENGLISH SUBS]
 Part of channel(s): Syria (current event)

There are reports from soldiers besieged inside the hospital stating that due to heavy damage, the building may collapse in the coming weeks. The Syrian Army can now see the hospital, however heavy militant presence and booby traps along the way prevent them from a swift advance.

After President Assads speech prioritizing the need to free those trapped in the hospital, Jaish Al fateh has fallen for the bait. Militants have halted their offensive on Idlib salient which was meant to have fallen by now, instead they sent their elite forces to storm the compound.

The Chechens and other Caucasians, the Chinese Uighurs, and the Morrocans and Saudis, are being sent to their deaths in an endless grind. The rebel offensive which blitzkrieged through Jisr Shughour and Al Ghab has lost momentum due to the thorn known as the hospital.

A large amount of supplies has been depleted by the mi

Added: May-12-2015 
By: Hafez_AlAssad
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