Full Debunking of Mike Powers’ Ridiculously Moronic Sandy Hook Troofer Conspiracy Rant

Full Debunking of Mike Powers’ Ridiculously Moronic Sandy Hook Troofer Conspiracy Rant
Or Why Troofers Should Be Embarrassed At How Wrong They Are About EVERYTHING

I saw this garbage on LL yesterday. I know I’m not the only one getting sick and tired of seeing the same lies, distortions, and irrelevant bullshit repeated by the same group of deliberately ignorant Sandy Hook troofer morons. There are some good debunkings of a lot of it on the net (see www.snopes.com/politics/guns/newtown.asp, www.salon.com/2013/01/18/your_comprehensive_answer_to_every_, and www.liveleak.com/view?i=44a_1358723185&;amp;amp;amp;comments=1, for example), but this time I decided to go through and take on every assertion systematically to demonstrate how baseless all this crap truly is. As you can see, only 2-3% of what this idiot says even seems both correct and relevant, and that 2-3% does not support a conspiracy theory at all. This is a LL original for you all on how blatantly wrong and ridiculous these troofer claims really are. Enjoy.

(Note: The original version, posted by Vorna, can be found www.liveleak.com/view?i=cd8_1358746935&;amp;amp;amp;comments=1.)
(And sorry I couldn't get different colored fonts or consistent paragraph spacing to work and make it easier to follow; it's not for lack of trying *shakes fist at LL text editor*.)


**** = Original Troofer Bullshit
___ = Reality


**** Sandy Hook School is being demolished. (Why?) (And no, you do not demolish a building just because people were killed in it. You replace the carpets, clean up, and move on. History shows nobody demolishes a building after a mass shooting.)
___ www.firstcoastnews.com/news/usworld/article/292657/6/Fate-of on whether or not to tear down Sandy Hook Elementary, though there have been two completely public meetings on the subject.

**** No Evidence of Bodies, Shooter, or crime scene investigation. Media has nothing to show that it actually happened. Nor did they do an investigation.
___ No, there is--in fact--an incredible amount of evidence for the event. Beyond 100s of living direct witnesses to either the event itself or its aftermath (including teachers and school administrators; students; state and local police; federal investigators; medical personnel--EMTs, doctors, nurses, examiners; and firefighters), there are thousands of related parties such as family and friends of those direct witnesses who have done nothing but corroborate those accounts. Moreover, the emergency audio from that day and ample live news coverage (even if some facts got scrambled in the confusion of the first day) all further corroborate the stories from that day. It takes a stupendous, conscious effort to ignore all of that. The media have also interviewed dozens and dozens of those involved and asked questions at press conferences. For example, www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYGrk7CL4PU is an interview with the head of the Connecticut state police; www.liveleak.com/view?i=d69_1358600510 is an interview with the Newtown police chief; www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-pwJrFoElI is an interview with a teacher; www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/item/13966-stories-of-heroism- is a collection of various stories from that day; online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323297104578181583018 are accounts from others in the community who were affected; www.nytimes.com/2012/12/15/nyregion/witnesses-recall-deadly- are even more witnesses recalling what they saw that day; and www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/14/danbury-hospital-school-sh are accounts of those waiting for injured at the hospital.

**** The Medical Examiner seems to know nothing about the children, how many there were, how many were male or female, and exactly what they were killed with. Then they took the bodies late at night on Saturday where nobody could get proof of body bags? As well, they said it would be Sunday night but then quickly did it Saturday night.
___ The medical examiner news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/medical-examiner-sandy-hook-vic and it was only the second press conference he has ever done in his life. The examinations were done on Friday night/Saturday morning, not Saturday night. Do you people really think a cup of coffee is going to set you perfectly straight under those conditions? And he obviously couldn’t give personal details about any of the children individually, so what more do you want? His account of the wounds has been borne out by the other evidence.

**** Other Notes:
**** There is nothing solid about Adam Lanza. There is no conclusive evidence to prove that Adam Lanza ever existed. We found tons on his brother Ryan, but nothing on Adam himself.
___ There is, in fact, an incredible amount of info on Adam Lanza, though the nature of the same condition that drove him to perpetrate such horrid crimes obviously curtails much of what is available from recent years. The best resource for all you would like to know about Adam is as hard to find as en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Hook_Elementary_School_shooting#! (I know you troofers don’t actually research, but come on!).

**** We have put together a basic 30 questions which we want our elected officials to answer.
**** For six hours, all officials on the first day were talking about his Facebook page, which was private. Then 7 different clone pages popped up.
___ There were many idiots that day www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/12/17/investigators-trac.

**** All of the official photos of Adam Lanza are layered -photoshop.
___ Just preposterous and baseless. Just fucking google image search Adam Lanza. The 3-4 circulated photos of him are ordinary jpgs.
**** Per Joyce, Dr. Cass Ingram said: His IT department went over it, and confirms the Adam Lanza photo is photoshopped.
___ Just google “Dr. Cass Ingram” if you want a laugh.

**** Re Nancy Lanza
**** There's been nothing but lie after lie after lie about Nancy Lanza.
**** There is no connection between her and the school, no teaching certificate, no testimony, except for the nurse who claimed she was a well-loved instructor at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
___ There were gawker.com/5968684/connection-between-nancy-lanza-mother-of- about her connections during the first two days of the investigation. There is nothing about that indicates those reports were lies about her; it just indicates the media jumped to conclusions too quickly, as they’ve been known to do. But this has been www.humanevents.com/2012/12/15/confirmed-nancy-lanza-not-aff since the afternoon of the day after the shooting. Only disingenuous troofers cling on to it and repeat it.

**** Nancy Champion Lanza was an employee of Chase Morgan Stanley.
___ There is a Nancy Elaine Lanza who http://financial-advisors.findthebest.com/l/381613/Nancy-Lanza as working for Morgan Stanley. It is clear this was or was not Adam’s mother, however, as the middle name is wrong and the listed length of her work history seems far too short for someone who was 52 years old. Troofers can’t even get the facts that don’t matter at all right.

**** Her husband Peter is in charge of the General Electric Insurance Division and four of his team have been convicted of crimes in connection with the Libor financial scandal.
___ There is no indication that anyone involved in Lanza’s team at GE were involved in the libor scandal. The best I could find about any GE/LIBOR related scandal was that three GE employees in GE Capital (which is not the same as the insurance division) were www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-scam-wall-street-lear charges last summer. GE is a big company, FYI.

**** In her obituary, there was no mention of a son named Adam.
___ www.eagletribune.com/obituaries/x964855281/Nancy-J-Lanza-52. Obviously the Lanza family, who are not even claiming Adam’s body, actually have the sense of propriety and decorum that troofers lack. That’s all that need be said about that.

**** From law enforcement to the gun industry, some very unusual procedures handling evidence have been demonstrated.
___ Very specific charge there…

**** Motive for Adam Lanza
**** No motive has been brought forward. Did he attend elementary school there briefly? He was now 20 years old. Did he harbor resentment against people who were no longer even at the school?
___ His motive is bostinno.com/2012/12/20/adam-lanzas-motive-examiners-police-. But the police continue to investigate. See newtownbee.com/News/2013-01-03__16-24-26/Police+Investigatio and www.greenwichtime.com/newtownshooting/article/Families-brief.

**** The supposed altercation at the school the day before actually never happened, according to Lt. Vance, who denied the whole story.
___ We still do not know the full story on this as Lanza apparently killed 3 out of the 4 people who may have been involved in that altercation, and the 4th was not at the school during the shootings. See www.emirates247.com/news/sandy-hook-shooter-adam-lanza-had-a.

**** Why was there only one call to 911 dispatch?
___ We do not have the 911 calls yet so you have no idea how many calls went in. We have www.liveleak.com/view?i=ebd_1358595475 from that day, though, but troofers never take the time to listen to it.

**** The typical AR15 rifle has is equipped with a muzzle break - it produces a much louder snap than other calibre weapons, shooting 5.65 millimeter rounds. If there was shooting of hundreds of rounds in the school, the noise would have been at a level of 165 decimal or better. The impact to the inner ear in an enclosed space, according to two ear doctors I personally spoke to, would result in devastating effects, balance problems, loss of cognitive ability from shock.
___ People manage to use these weapons all the time. In fact, it has already been reported that www.courant.com/news/connecticut/newtown-sandy-hook-school-s.

**** Has anyone checked the records at the school? We are told he was homeschooled. But there is absolutely no documentation of homeschooling, no test records, etc.
___ Confidentiality laws prevent anyone from making such records public, so we don’t really know the extent to which his school records have been checked. But many have certainly looked into his educational background and found plenty of info. For example, www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/17/adam-lanza-college-courses and www.ktva.com/home/outbound-xml-feeds/The-Brief-Enigmatic-Lif.

**** How did he enter the school?
___ www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/world/americas/article3632863.ec. This is also obvious from the very first seconds of the dispatch audio where the arriving officers report that the www.liveleak.com/view?i=ebd_1358595475.

**** Pictures that I have now show a Connecticut police officer escorting two women away from the school, and there is another officer behind him at the door - and the glass at the entrance is all intact.
___ There are no such pictures. This is entirely unsubstantiated troofer bullshit.

**** How did he compromise the door? You're talking about a pretty tough plate of glass. The round that was supposedly used is not as strong as other varieties on impact.
___ www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/world/americas/article3632863.ec Are you seriously contending that a rifle cannot shoot through a normal glass door?

****Was it wirescreen reinforced glass?
___ Well, gosh, if you had the pictures, you’d certainly know this, right? You don’t have the pictures, but I think the answer is pretty obvious: how many suburban elementary schools do you know with fucking wire-reinforced glass doors?

**** The glass, even without wirescreen, would weigh several hundred pounds. You wouldn't want a glass door that shattered into a thousand pieces. The glass also would have been laminated.
___ He could have just shot out one panel and reached in to open the door for all you know. And you don’t need to fucking exaggerate so bad about how much glass weighs. In any case, if you think it would be any problem to clear through a solid glass door with an automatic rifle, you must be damn out yo mind.

**** What was he wearing?
**** Wearing bullet proof vest, wearing tactical vest to store extra ammo, and pockets holding ammo would have to be on both sides of the body, if he was carrying hundreds of rounds, in addition to the guns he was carrying.
___ www.nhregister.com/articles/2012/12/27/news/doc50dce5187860b.

**** Statistically and physically speaking, that round would not penetrate impressively a crowd of children huddled in a corner.
___ WTF is this bullshit here now? I’d love to see these statistics on shooting children in corners. Are you fucking serious? Moreover, you have no idea how the kids were spread out in the rooms.

**** Was this 120-lb. Adam Lanza, then, carrying the equivalent of his own body weight into the school?
___ That is a number entirely contrived by your arbitrary (and demonstrably wrong) assumptions. It could well have been less than 40 pounds to carry the three guns and the ammo.

**** The most disturbing issues we have right now (and equally at Aurora, the Sikh Temple, etc.) - all of them have witnesses reporting multiple shooters.
___ Here, they detained people at the scene because they were unsure at first if there was a second shooter. They found no evidence of another shooter in the end and those detained were all released, as is usually the case when someone is held by the police and there turns out to be no evidence of their involvement in a crime.

**** Sandy Hook had just initiated a new security protocol. A recent school shooting in Brazil had several video cameras. It was a genuine crime scene, with people in panic running all over the place. How did Adam get into the school, which supposedly had a very secure entrance.
___ Did I mention that www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/world/americas/article3632863.ec?

**** Why wouldn't a teacher push children through a window, rather than huddling them in the corner of a classroom?
___ We don’t yet know how the six children who got to Rosen’s house escaped; perhaps they did go through a window. But the general protocol for such events is for teachers to lock their classroom doors and protect their kids within the classroom. If you cannot imagine why the protocol is not to just have everyone run every which way to try and escape, then, well, you are an idiot.

**** What do we know about the notification to police?
**** We have not located anything other than the single initial call to Sandy Hook dispatch.
___ In fact, we do not yet have the 911 calls. But we do have over www.liveleak.com/view?i=ebd_1358595475, which is much more useful for verifying details of the event and investigation.

**** We are going to obtain a door, to try to duplicate broaching the door, according to the official account. For a 120-lb, developmentally disabled kid, to have accomplished this just doesn't make any sense.
___ It is senseless violence in the rawest form, but the actual logistics of it make complete sense. Good luck shooting a piece of glass with a rifle. I won’t ruin it by giving you another spoiler on what the certain outcome will be.

**** There was a drill taking place simultaneously 25 minutes away. That is confirmed.
___ No, there was no “drill." There was an www.ct.gov/demhs/ical/calendar.asp?mm=12&;amp;amp;amp;yyyy=2012&image1.x=17&image1.y=14&calendar_ID=0&showTop=True on “Planning for the needs of children in
disasters” being offered through Connecticut’s Division of Emergency Services and Public Protection. This class is offered several times a month by FEMA and its actual content is more about taking into account the needs of kids after hurricanes, etc. It is completely unrelated to the Sandy Hook tragedy.

**** Fog of War
**** There is a hell of a difference between the fog of war and a localized incident at an elementary school -- when you are being fired at from many directions, different munitions, etc., when you are in a war, versus responding to a single shooter incident.
___ Duly noted…

**** Weapon in the trunk
**** The officer is shown pulling a shotgun out of the trunk. Around him are four individuals are in full MOPP - chemical gear - from head to toe. What did they think they were going to find in the back of that car?
___ Isn’t it obvious that they didn’t know what to expect in the trunk and were just doing their jobs by being prepared for the worst? The driver of that car had just slaughtered 20 children. What is your complaint here?

**** Gun(s) used
**** For shooting the children between 4 and 11 times, the weapon was identified by Coroner Carver as a long rifle, the alleged AR-15.
___ This has been confirmed. See www.cnn.com/2012/12/18/us/connecticut-lanza-guns/index.html and www.ct.gov/despp/cwp/view.asp?Q=517284&;amp;amp;amp;A=4226.

**** A Wall Street reporter went to all the gun ranges in the area, and no one could identify pictures of the mother and Lanza.
___ Cannot confirm if true, but, even if it is I can only give a big ol’ "so fucking what?”

**** The physiological trauma on the human nervous system, with a 6 to 10 pound gun, means weightlifting with every shot -- negates the possibilities here.
___ Huh? An assault rifle cannot be fired multiple times?

**** A standard capacity magazine is capable of accepting 30 rounds, but professionals use 28 because of a technical problem. Allegedly he changed magazines several times, 5 to 10 times. He only went to two rooms. Why would he change magazines several times in the same room?
___ He went through the hallway, to the administrative offices, and to the nurses’ office, as well as to two classrooms before the cops showed up.

**** Psychologists say that even the most psychotic individual could not shoot children this efficiently, as people have an innate block to overcome in order to commit such a crime.
___ No one says that. You just completely fabricated this bullshit.

**** The responding officers themselves had to shoot their way through the front of the school.
___ No, they did not. They reported the exact opposite; they reported the front door was already broken. www.liveleak.com/view?i=ebd_1358595475 The officers going around back reported they had to break into a door back there, though. www.liveleak.com/view?i=d69_1358600510

**** There is an assault weapon ban in place in Connecticut. So how could Nancy Lanza have a legally registered assault weapon?
___ Her rifle was not necessarily banned under that law. In fact, it seems it www.mediaite.com/online/connecticut-gun-laws-are-so-strict-y.

**** AR-15 rifles are very prone to stoppages, lubrication problems. Changing magazines can involve mistakes even for a professional.
___ Enough innuendo, yet? Yawn.

**** The Gene Rosen Story
**** One point that he made was that he heard stacatto fire. If Mr. Lanza was inside the school, the noise of the discharge would hardly reach Mr. Rosen at his house. Or, if he did hear the gunfire, why did he never call to report it?
___ Rosen bigstory.ap.org/article/after-shooting-neighbor-took-6-young as being a hunter.

**** Gun Control
**** The politicians started in immediately.
___ Politicians tend to do that.

**** The Robbie Parker Story
**** Six hours after his daughter was allegedly brutally murdered, he is laughing: "Should I just read from the card?" Then, he does his acting routine, hyperventilating in order to get in character to be a grieving parent.
___ This is one of the most repugnant and vile lines of troofer attack—as if there is only one way to grieve. You dumb ass armchair psychologists make everyone with decent sense sick. I’ll just www.salon.com/2013/01/18/your_comprehensive_answer_to_every_ here: “People mourn in many different ways, sometimes all at once. As a recent Scientific American article on gref noted, “oscillation between sadness and mirth repeated itself in study after study … Time and again, a grief-stricken person’s expression would change from dejection to laughter and back.” George Bonanno, a psychologist at Columbia University who studies grief, even developed a way to determine if this mourner’s laughter was genuine or merely a facade to hide grief — he determined that they “exhibited the real thing.” Scientists think this is part of our internal resilience mechanisms kicking in, because constant grief is simply too much for a person to handle.”

**** Response Time
**** The first responders were there within seven minutes. But, how long would it take from the time 911 was called at 9:40 a.m., for Adam Lanza to shoot so many rounds?
___ 911 was definitely called earlier than 9:40; the police had www.examiner.com/article/dispatch-release-911-calls-of-conne.

**** You're talking about several minutes at least. Lanza is making decisions after the entry. Where does he go?
___ He just chose one direction and went in it. Who knows exactly why? Why does it matter?

****How could a woman, supposedly a nurse, have been locked in a closet until 1p.m., when police and responders are well instructed in how to clear a building?
___ Police do not “clear” all locked closets right away. She says she hid in there in shock after seeing Lanza and hearing screams and gun shots. It sounds like pretty classic shell shock to me.

**** The school nurse is not even licensed in the State of Connecticut.
___ This is a common lie from troofers. www.snopes.com/politics/guns/newtown.asp. The legal name she is registered under is Sarah Cox. Sally is her nickname.

**** None of the people who are alleged to have been professionals have any traceable creditation. Gene Rosen had 2 years of community college. Was he a retired psychologist?
___ Rosen was merely a bystander who helped six children, not a professional on the scene actively helping people in his capacity as a psychologist. And your allegations about Rosen’s college education are www.snopes.com/politics/guns/newtown.asp who is 7 years younger and does not live in Connecticut.

**** Even giving the media a margin of error, there have been no retractions.
___ The story changed a bit over the first two days, but news organizations did, in fact, correct themselves. Troofers merely aren’t even looking for the corrected information, tons of which I have already linked here.

**** Now they want to destroy and demolish the school. No way to check after the fact, then.
___ There has been www.firstcoastnews.com/news/usworld/article/292657/6/Fate-of, though there have been two completely public meetings on the subject. It will not be decided until the spring. But, even if they do tear down the school, that will be long time out, long after the police investigation has finished.

**** What about the assignment of law enforcement officers to all of the families? This has never ever happened before. The same Lt. Vance who threatened independent journalists assigns bodyguards to all the families? Where is the budget for this - 30 families?
___ 27 families. And they are www.thewestonforum.com/6928/after-the-shooting-tragedy-westo, not body guards.

In conclusion, holding these troofer beliefs is not indicative of simply wanting to "ask questions" or "investigate further"; it is entirely indicative of only listening to the answers one wants to hear and investigating nothing. It's ridiculous and there isn't enough shame on the planet for the jack asses who use this claptrap as a basis for harassing bereaving parents and traumatized good Samaritans. Fuck you, ignorant troofers.

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