Man Takes Yak to Work.

SEATTLE, WA -- You've heard of "take your child to work" day.

There's even a "take your dog to work" day, but one Seattle CEO took it one step farther today and his employees got quite a shock.

In an old school house on Beacon Hill, you'll find a new Seattle start-up.

Eight workers trying to create, what they hope, will be a revolution in e-mail.

You could call the company's founder a bit eccentric.

Jim Harding showed up to work today with his yak.

Jim Harding says "as you can see, he's pretty calm, he's cool, he's collected."

Weighing in at just over 1,000 pounds, the long haired bovine just hung around the office.

For a short while the conference room was unavailable.

And who needs room dividers when you've got a yak?

Software engineer Raul Raja says "it's an unusual office but it's really fun. You can't say much when the boss brings in a yak. Right, right."

When asked about the cleanup, Jim Harding said "yeah, he does tend to do that, about eight times a day."

Nothing a shovel couldn't solve.

Every hi-tech company tries to foster a fun, creative work environment.

The folks here are developing a product that turns your traditional e-mail inbox into a collection of social networks.

Harding figured, why not add some workplace levity by bringing in one of the yaks from his ranch.

He has 20 of them.

An experience even Google or Microsoft couldn't match.

Jim Harding says "I would say the majority of building owners are probably not yak-friendly."

By lunch hour it was time to let the yak out to graze

When asked what he was having for lunch, Cirqe Technology Officer Craig Horman says "probably a Bison burger, just for the sake of it."

Just another day in the life of a start-up.

And something to yak about over e-mail.

The start-up leases space from a community organization so the kids who come for after-school programs also got a chance to meet the yak.