14lbs. Of Marijuana Found Hidden In 1958 VW Bus

An avid antique car fanatic buys 1958 VW Bus to restore and finds 14lbs. of pot hidden inside. Wonder how someone could forget about that stash???? :O

Anyway, here's his post from the forum he made his thread on. Enjoy! :D


Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2007 6:26 pm Post subject: My '58 DD Panel "The Smuggler"


So I bought a early '58 double door panel about 5 or six months ago. It is a pretty solid bus, not much rust and not too much filler in it, just lots of paint. It came from a friend of a frien who owned it in AZ for 5 years, before that it sat at a for 2 years prior, and a friend of his owned it for about 8 years before that.

Anyway, shortly after I had the bus shipped out to me I was really checking it out. The belly pans and undercariage is solid, but I noticed ther front two center pieces on the front member were folded back and bent back up. I just thought someone did some shady repairs to the clutch cable or choke cable etc. So I went and folded back the metal and found a little more than what VW intended to be, the belly pans were packed with marjuana, about 14lbs. of it.

So before anyone gets any ideas, I don't smoke , never have, I don't sell, never have. This stuff was old at least 15 years but I am thinking from the 70's to 80's with the looks of it. It has all been disposed of as well.

Well that was quite a find and definately unexpected. 1 of the pounds broke wedged between the bellypan and cable carriers when I was taking it out. It took about 3 hours or so to get all of that shit cleaned up. Now I am going to have to weld up the front members to fix it all. Stupid drug smugglers. If it was only money instead of weed .

Just think of all of the people that owed this bus or transported it with no idea of what was hidden inside.

Anyway thought I would share this with you all since it is a pretty interesting find.