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GOP Senators attend as religious nuts beg God to defeat health care reform.

"Dear Heavenly Father, we just ask today that you not let a bunch of sick, poor people have reasonable access to basic health and medical services if it means raising my taxes... or even if it doesn't."

This is not what Christianity is about.

Sorry, but I can't see any of Jesus' teachings being displayed in the act of praying to God to help them deny human beings access to decent, affordable health care.

All I see is a bunch of greedy hypocrites who wouldn't know Jesus Christ if he was standing right in front of them. Jesus said enough about helping people, even ungrateful ones, that these Bible-thumping dipshits shouldn't need to reminded.

The fact that they are trying to convince people that it's about funding abortion and medical marijuana is just icing on the 7-layer fucktard cake that is the hypocrisy of fundamentalist Christianity.

Added: Dec-19-2009 
By: EventHorizon2012
Tags: Jesus, health care, conservative hypocrites, pray to defeat health care reform
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