Tar Sands protesters lock to concrete-filled trash can at TB Bank in DC

Early on the morning of the 19th of March, protesters with Tar Sands
Blockade Solidarity entered the TD Bank at 15th and P streets and locked
down to a trash can filled with concrete.

Two protesters were locked by their arms to the concreted trash can
weighing hundreds of pounds. It took five cops to move it when
everything was all over. A third protester was locked down with chains
which were cut by the cops. The 24 hour ATM was shut down from about
4:30AM until nearly 8 AM.

TD Bank is one of the largest investors in the Keystone XL tar sands
pipeline and is profiting on the blood of indigenous people killed by
cancer from polluted water in Alberta, Canada.

As in investor in tar sands, TD Bank is now getting the same treatment
the pipeline construction itself has been met with.

The cops taped white sheets to the windows to conceal any misbehavior on
their part and to cut off locked down protesters from their support.
They blocked off P street, creating what in New York would be an illegal
"frozen zone."

Outside, cops brought out a electic chisel drill to cut through the
concrete, only to realize it would take all day to cut that much
concrete with it. Next came a gas powered rotary chop saw with a smoky
2-stroke engine.

Inside, police hooded the protesters like detainees at Guantanimo Bay
and threatened to use the chop saw to cut them out, at considerable risk
or serious injuries. In addition, the concrete dust would have
destroyed the ATM. This being so, police claimed that they would file
charges for destruction of property, even though lawyers said it would
never stick as police action would be the source of the damage.

At that point, the concrete would not have held more than another half
hour, and the cops then told protesters they could unlock and leave
without being arrested, and this offer was accepted.

There is a report that TD Bank did not want arrests due to the bad
publicity, and they certsinly didn't want an ATM costing hundreds of
thousands of dollars destroyed by concrete dust from a police chopsaw!