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Dem Senator Destroys David Gregory's Case About Racism In Tea Party

By Noel Sheppard (

David Gregory on Sunday asked what he must have thought was a loaded question concerning alleged racism in the Tea Party.

Likely much to his surprise, both his Republican and Democrat guests on "Meet the Press" said they hadn't seen any evidence of that.

DAVID GREGORY, HOST: But, you know, it's--is that point, there are a lot of folks who, supported by the tea party, in the tea party, say, `Oh, there's a mainstream movement.' But there are others who say it is anything but. As a matter of fact, the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights and the NAACP are releasing a report this coming week. And here it is, I'll show it on the screen. The "Tea Party Nationalism, a critical examination of the Tea Party movement and the size, scope and focus of its national factions." And there are some serious charges that I want you to respond to.


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