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Islamic Sympathy......"Revolution Muslim" claims Polish plane crash "Good News"

Those infected by Islam are sick f*cking creatures...................

Saturday, 10 April 2010

A Message To The People Of Poland

The Polish president, his wife, and numerous top political and military officials have been killed in a plane crash in Russia. The current thinking is that the pilot made a mistake and flew to the wrong airport and that this somehow lead to a crash. Russia and Poland have been on icy terms lately with Russia even threatening to invade.

This is good news, because Poland is a country which has soldiers in Afghanistan. Rather than the mujahideen killing these kuffar, Allah has done it for them in a manner which is easier.

To the people of Poland,

As your President's soul enters a ditch from Hellfire, in sha'a Allah, along with his advisors and his family, you now have an oppurtunity to rethink your failing operations in Afghanistan.

The only t


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By: tank2
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