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The Perfect Enemy
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The Perfect Enemy.. Fearmongering???

Ever get tired of hearing this argument about fearmongering? And Whos peacefull and whos not? We hear on one side that a certain group is peacefull but our OWN eyes tell us otherwise. Its like were being told to look away and to acknowledge it is too accept reality. The threat is real the only question is how serious you personally take it. Now yea your more than likely to die in a car wreck, or some other type of accident. None of these however will BRING ABOUT the fall of mankind.. War will come whether you want to fight or not its only a matter of time

If you see a guy pointing a gun at you do you pretend to not see it?

Anyway I actually made 2 vids but I did not want to post WH$#%RE so i combined them got a little lazy on the end part oh well.. Peace to the LL community. And for all the people I know on here hope you had/having a great w

Added: May-25-2008 
By: Dat1111
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