Jihad In Sweden: Muslims Attack Firefighters

Here is an interview with some firemen in Sweden talking about how they cope with a hostile Muslim population that sets fires, then attacks them when they come to put them out and save anyone who may be in danger from them.

This of course is now familiar as it is classic 'Al Queda Handbook' stuff on how to make a no go zone. However it is nice to see cracks in the political correctness that has prevented European agents of the state from reporting the facts, although this video does not name Islam specifically, one can easily infer it from the interviews and pictures of the 'natives' of the area in question.

NOTE: One subtitle around the 1 minute mark translates the muslim youth as saying the police "play allah". This is an incorrect translation. The correction is "plays Allan", Swedish slang for 'acting tough or superior'.

Credit for text and video: www.youtube.com/vladtepesblogdotcom

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