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War on the People - with the US Supreme Court at the Helm!

War on the People!
Dispossessions and imprisonments on such scale have not been seen unless during wartime...
Los Angeles, March 5 - "In reviewing the reports of individuals from coast to coast, one must conclude that the US government is in war against the People" said Dr Zernik of Human Rights Alert (NGO).

Never has the modern world seen dispossessions and imprisonments on such scale, unless during wartime. Both are taking place in the United States today by corrupt judges, corrupt attorneys, corrupt large corporations and corrupt US government officials.

The evidence shows that most of the real estate and financial institution fraud, and likewise most imprisonments, are taking place in the state courts. However, the US courts - National Tribunals for Protection of Rights - from the District Courts to through the Courts of Appeals to the Supreme Court of the U


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