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Why do you watch the news?
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What if we were cut off from the media, from our tvs and computers.. from radio and text? What could possibly happen in one day?

Would our thoughts shift from the radical Islamic people and all the hype about what other countries are doing - to our own daily issues and problems? The focus would come back to us so fast, each one of us would see what we have become..

Why do we have to meddle in our neighbors issues, let alone another countries? Is it because we love drama so much we have to take it to a global level?

There is very little threat to you if you are keeping to yourself.. Its good to have the means to protect yourself, don't get me wrong - But looking for a fight is another thing.

What if you decide, that tomorrow you would just not plug in.. to check your facebook or the news see if you could even do it for a week. Would you be afraid you'd miss something?

I believe fe


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By: jbobres
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