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Libyan freedom fighters liberate the last Oil refinery under regime control: Az-Zawiyah, August 18th, '11
 Part of channel(s): 2011 Libyan civil war (current event)

The last Oil Refinery under Tripoli's control has fallen to the freedom fighters during an intense, but brief battle on Thursday 18th, '11. NATO sources are using a term 'Catastrophic success' to describe the huge gains in territory made by the freedom fighters since the middle of July, '11.
The concern now in NATO circles is that a rapid and total collapse of regime control in the next few weeks, raises the spectre of Iraq type chaos, after the illegal invasion in 2003. It must be hoped the citizens of Libya who yearn simply to live free from Gaddafi's tyranny will manage the collapse of the regime, rather than allow chaos to prevail.

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