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Commendations for female soldiers in Operation Protective Edge are described as 'sexist'
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Criticized for sexism - the commendations for female soldiers in Operation Protective

Two of the four commendation for female soldiers for the operation, state that 'they didn't
lose it'. Male soldiers by comparison were commended for bravery and boldness.
MK Regev 'These statements are unacceptable in 2015'.

Channel 2 Online, 20/01/2015

IDF presented today medals, decorations and citations for the part of male and female soldier infighting in Operation Protective Edge. But the praise written about them, caused discomfort, due the difference in the commendations written for male and female soldiers.

For example the observations written for NCO, Sergeant Roni Jackson, granted her a letter of
commendation after she recognized the infiltration of terrorists into Israel: her letter states: "Sergeant Roni didn't lose her head".

Corporal Noah Te

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