Commendations for female soldiers in Operation Protective Edge are described as 'sexist'

Criticized for sexism - the commendations for female soldiers in Operation Protective

Two of the four commendation for female soldiers for the operation, state that 'they didn't
lose it'. Male soldiers by comparison were commended for bravery and boldness.
MK Regev 'These statements are unacceptable in 2015'.

Channel 2 Online, 20/01/2015

IDF presented today medals, decorations and citations for the part of male and female soldier infighting in Operation Protective Edge. But the praise written about them, caused discomfort, due the difference in the commendations written for male and female soldiers.

For example the observations written for NCO, Sergeant Roni Jackson, granted her a letter of
commendation after she recognized the infiltration of terrorists into Israel: her letter states: "Sergeant Roni didn't lose her head".

Corporal Noah Teital, also received a letter of commendation after she recognized the
attempted infiltration of terrorists via the sea near the kibbutz. She was given a similar description: "Despite the difficulty inherent in identifying the enemy in a complex area, Corporal Noah Teital didn't lose herself to panic and called in the commanders".

The descriptions which talk about female soldiers not losing their senses, are very different from those of the male officers and fighters - which especially mentioned courage on the battlefield. One example states that the officer "led with power," another officer is described as having "risked his life to return fire."

Speaking to Channel 2 Online, an IDF officer told of the disappointment in the description of the activities of the female soldiers: "It really makes it sound as if girls should be beside themselves when in a state of warfare. This is part of an old concept but I'm sure there was no intention to harm .

MK Miri Regev, former IDF spokeswoman, said in response to our story, that "we still have to improve, these are statements that should have no place in Israel in 2015. Women have proven that they can integrate into the army operational positions just like men, added medals today amongst the 53 fighters is another proof of that.

"I'm sorry the certificate about the descrpitions received by Noa and Roni , stated that they didn't lose it ", as if the loss of control is a feature reserved only for women or as if it is just what is expected of them to do in operational situations," Regev added. "I
am proud of soldiers who received a citation, but regret the conceptual
gap that still exists in the IDF with regards to gender gender."

Labor candidate for Attorney Revital Swede responded angrily. "I understood correctly? Male soldiers win medals for heroism, and females for not losing their marbles ?! "she wrote." To put it mildly it is not appropriate. "

MK Aliza Lavie reacted : "The decision to describe the heroism of the female soldiers in terms of befuddlement 'is inappropriate and belittles women soldiers. They are an example to us," she said. "Unfortunately, this is another example of expressing overt and covert discrimination against women, even in the IDF. Heroism of soldiers is not measured by their success' not to lose their senses. Not for nothing is not described in the same way the heroism of the male soldiers".
MK Rachel Azaria also expressed reservations about the wording. "It is good that Sergeant Ronnie Jackson and Corporal Noah Teitel received a citation for their work in identifying a terrorist infiltration and their exemplary conduct in calmly guiding the terrorists to their interception," she said. "For some reason the authors chose explanations for providing signal words 'didn't not lose her temper.' Better to call it cool. Citations are for calm and courage. Remember that next time. "

Chairwoman Yifat Zamir said: "I salute Sergeant Roni Jackson and Corporal Noah Teitel who received decorations. But you can not notice the wording the army has chosen to describe the heroism - commended for not freaking out compared to the courage and leading power of the male soldiers. In 2015 we expected IDF Chief to recognize the abilities of women and to abandon the theory more suitable for the late 19th century, that women are inherently prone to hysteria.