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Over 4.5 Billion people could die from Global Warming-related causes by 2012

Some of that scientific consensus we've been hearing so much about.... --cd3


Hydrate hypothesis illuminates growing climate change alarm

Compiled by John Stokes

A recent scientific theory called the "hydrate hypothesis" says that historical global warming cycles have been caused by a feedback loop, where melting permafrost methane clathrates (also known as "hydrates") spur local global warming, leading to further melting of clathrates and bacterial growth.

In other words, like western Siberia, the 400 billion tons of methane in permafrost hydrate will gradually melt, and the released methane will speed the melting. The effect of even a couple of billion tons of methane being emitted into the atmosphere each year would be catastrophic.


Runaway Global Warming promises to literally burn-up agricultural areas into dust worldwide by 2012,

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