ABC Pushes Gun Control Documentary, Absurdly Touts Work of the Brady Campaign as 'Not Anti-Gun

According to Good Morning America's Robin Roberts on Monday, the efforts of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence aren't "anti-gun." The morning show co-host interviewed Colin Goddard, the group's assistant director of legislative affairs, and promoted a new documentary on the "gun show loophole."

Colin Goddard survived the massacre at Virginia Tech and now works for the aggressively anti-Second Amendment organization. Yet, while talking to Goddard, she portrayed the group's work as just common sense. She exclaimed, "Because you're not anti-gun."

After playing a clip of the young man going undercover at a gun show, she mildly suggested, "And we were talking in the commercial break and saying there are groups on both sides. There are groups that say I have the right to bear arms, I don't need this. How do we coexist?"

Again, she was speaking to the assistant director of legislative affairs for the Brady Campaign. This is a group that opposed the historic 2008 Supreme Court decision declaring the Second Amendment an individual right. To describe one of their representatives as "not anti-gun" strains credibility.

At no time in the segment did Roberts refer to Brady as liberal or anti-gun rights. Instead, Goddard lobbied for tougher restrictions on gun show sales, "And if you're a law-abiding citizen with no- any sort of record, you will pass that background check every time, and you will walk away with your gun."
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