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The War Of the Oppressed 2
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As Sahab Media "The War of the Oppressed People," continues depicting an ambush in Kunar province, Afghanistan. The ambush was carried out on June,28, 2005 by Taliban fighters against a four man Navy seal reconnaissance team participating in "Operation Red Wing," to capture a top Taliban leader in the area. Video shows weapons and equipment taken off the dead bodies which include a military labtop. Also shows two IED attacks one on the head of Security for Kunar rpovince and the other on a US Humvee. Then an attack on a military base. I have edited out the bodies of the dead seals since they are too graphic to be shown.

Taliban commander "Ismail" and his men planned and executed the attack which killed 3 navy seals in an ambush and downed a MH-47 chinook killing all 16 members on board including 8 navy seals and 8 members of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. The Taliban

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