Revealed: How TSA agents 'laugh at travelers' naked scanner images in backrooms while flirting with each other

A former Transpiration Security Administration (TSA) agent-turned-anonymous blogger recently revealed that his co-workers routinely make fun of passengers' nude body images while reviewing them in backrooms.

The unnamed ex-TSA officer, who writes for the blog, received a note from a reader which said: 'Tell us, please, what really happens in that private room and why the TSA does not want it seen in public or recorded.'

In response, the blogger wrote that while he has not experienced or heard of anything outright illegal or illicit going on in the private screening rooms, officers manning the image operator (IO) rooms where passengers' nude X-ray images are reviewed often behave in a highly inappropriate manner.

Immature: A former TSA officer has revealed that he had witnessed his co-workers laughing at the nude X-ray images of passengers going through full-body scanners

'I witnessed light sexual play among officers, a lot of e-cigarette vaping, and a whole lot of officers laughing and clowning in regard to some of your nude images, dear passengers,' the former agent wrote.

'Bad' behavior: The whistleblower said that poorly trained TSA screeners fresh out of high school have been tasked with looking at nude pictures in sealed image operator rooms

The blogger partially attributed this childish behavior to lack of education and training, saying that this is what happens when people 'fresh out of high school or a GED program' are put in charge of analyzing nude images of people in a hermetically sealed room.

The writer explained that according to TSA rules, no one is allowed to enter or leave the image analysts room without warning in an effort to ensure that the agents on duty never see the passengers whose nude image they had just viewed.

The blogger added, however, that he had personally witnessed some officers sneaking a peek at the people whom they had seen on the scanner.

The former airport security agent went on to argue that there should be no backrooms at all, and that the agency should have never put the full-body X-ray machines in place, calling them 'useless.'

'TSA officers should never have been viewing nude, radiation-rendered images of passengers in those private rooms, period,' the blogger wrote. 'The entire thing was, as usual, a hare-brained, tax payer money-wasting, disaster of an idea.'

The whistleblower said that is the reason why there are several federal lawsuits pending against the agency, which is 'trying to backpedal and sweep the radiation scanners under the rung from oversight committees and the public at large.'

The anonymous writer confessed that his former colleagues would go so far as to arbitrarily punish disgruntled passengers by subjecting them to unjustified and pointless luggage searches.

The Daily Mail has reached out to the TSA about the allegations, but no one was immediately available for comment on Christmas Day.

Out of sight: The ex-agent claimed that the TSA is trying to avoid having the radiation scanners subjected to oversight or public scrutiny

Dirty secrets: The blogger revealed that TSA agents would take revenge upon passengers with a bad attitude by subjecting them to unnecessary bag searches

In a separate post, the former screener revealed how top officials within the agency are well aware of the public’s purported hatred for the TSA, which has become 'the laughing stock of America’s security apparatus.'

Other posts on the Taking Sense Away blog highlight some of the more absurd polices implemented by the agency, among them the ban on snow globes, which the writer dismissed as one of many 'intelligence-insulting rules.'

'Imagine having to look, year after year, into the faces of innocent children and tell them and their parents that their Pretty-Princess-in-a-Blizzard snow globe has to go into the trash,' he wrote.

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