American citizen tortured by Ukraine State Security, Stage 2: Contradictory Lies

This would be funny if it didn't happen every time: The Kiev regime has entered "Stage 2 - Frantic Lies and Denial" on "Tashbaev case" (see here).

1) The Assistant to State Security director, Markian Lubkivskyi, has;amp;pnref=storythat nothing "extrajudicial" was done to Tashbaev and he left Ukraine for Frankfurt on the 9th.
But Markian's boss Nalizaychenko claimed,, that Rustam was already deported on the 8th, i.e. a day earlier.

Finally, Tashbaev himself came through with more details of his ordeal and showed his ticket that proves he didn't fly to Frankfurt, but directly to NYC, and was never deported because the ticket was bought by his wife, not Ukrainian state.

2) A fellow civil activist, Igor Bilous, by the law firm he hired to save Rustam Tashbaev, which basically says the following:
- Rustam was detained without charges by the criminal police- 30 min later, he was transferred to State Security who took him to building on Askoldov street

- At the same time, the police records (intentionally?) erroneously showed he was sent to Shutova street, so the lawyers could not find him for a while

- Rustam was accused of being a Russian citizen that was getting money for forming a terrorist organization (? he is a Ukrainian that worked in USA for last 18 years - reportedly, government jobs) and due to be deported (first US citizen to be deported from Ukraine ever!) to Russia
- Russia refused to take him because (drumroll) he's not a Russian citizen

- During all this, the lawyers could not meet with him, in violation of all legal norms (timeline seems to suggest he was being tortured at the time - ed.)

3) Tashbaev himself that instead of being transferred to SBU building like the records showed, he was handed over by police to masked men (he thinks they're SBU specialists because the police seemed subordinate to them) and thrown in a van, and for the next X hours in there they were strangling him with a plastic bag, beating, taking him to a lake where "his body will be dumped", and using various other tortures to extract information.

As he basically kept shouting "Glory To Ukraine! Glory to State Security!" and trying to make Social-Nationalist salutes (joking, obviously, but he genuinely thinks these guys are "stopping Russian aggression" , heh), and they tortured all his email / social network passwords out of him and checked them, the torturers eventually realized he is not a spy but an actual village idiot, and dumped him in a forest.


I think these facts speak for themselves.

That's not the first such case over the past year, probably not even in the first thousand; simply the first time it happened to a US citizen who was genuinely a fan of the nationalist ideology (but plenty EU citizens - Gram Philips was deported, French citizen Yuri Yurchenko had his leg and ribs broken in captivity, dunno if a Slovak militiaman Miro ever healed after being POW, etc).

I'm betting it will get hushed up like all the rest, though.
Anyone taking bets whether this will make it out of the blogosphere to mass media? I'd guess RT will report it, but no US outlet.