Anti-Japanese thugs hit Japanese car owner in head with iron car lock

The victim is still unconscious and police is looking for the suspects.

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Yesterday, the reporter received a "9.15" Xi'an Japanese owners Li Jianli smashed the live video of the serious injury case. This video is a more complete record of trouble after further restore a fact. Video display, the Corolla sedan was containment, Li Jianli handheld piece of brick car care, conflict with the suspects, the latter looked lying on the ground pounding.

You can see from the video, the scene is very crowded, noisy, and the Corolla has begun to attack, the suspect was wearing a white T-shirt, armed with a U-shaped steel lock, front windshield over the car. Owners Li Jianli dressed in a black T-shirt, was standing outside the car, see the Corolla smashed He was holding a piece of brick and hit the suspect about.

The suspect retreated a few steps, and then pounce to Li Jianli, body slightly leaps, waving a U-shaped steel lock pound latter head. Under the first heavy blow to the middle of the skull, and issued a "popping" sound a clear sound, Li Jianli backward fall, the suspect punched three times, and was wearing a gray T-shirt, a burly young man chasing discourage the side .

Li Jianli's wife, Ms. Wang ran from the car the other side, see The husband leans van down to the ground, quickly reached out to hold the top of the head wound, she turned a startled voice shouting "come see the serious injury, which, come to where "Soon, Li Jianli upper body slowly limp and completely down to the ground, motionless. Ms. Wang kept hoarse cry for help, the scene is even more confusing, the video can still hear the sound of the "pound" smashed cars suspected.

Crowd gathered in the past, young man wearing a gray T-shirt while out in the telephone, shouting: "first rescue can line! Are Chinese people ... around someone echoes:" first rescue, first save people ... call 110 ... "

Subsequently, some people came to help pushed Li Jianli front of the van, leaving a pool of blood on the ground. Video ends.

Li Jianli wife Ms. Wang is the time of the incident in the car the other side of the accident, Li Jianli has been lying on the ground, therefore, she could not complete the whole process to see the incident, while Li Jianli the loss of most of language skills, personally about also have been impossible. And the entire event only a short period of a few seconds can be an objective and complete description of the situation at the scene witnesses and it is difficult to find. Therefore, this video is very valuable, it is more objective, comprehensive, accurate close range to restore the event throughout, Li Jianli ambulance was trying to fight back, but in exchange for the fatal injuries.

Li Jianli is still in hospital receiving treatment, the situation does not improve, Ms. Wang said: "The left leg can move his left hand so he lifted him clutching a can, can not move his right hand now, right leg, thigh dynamic, the calf can not move. two days have been the case, there is no progress. "

Li Jianli ambulance behavior, legal experts said, to stop and even self-defense behavior Any citizen has the responsibility and obligation to have the right to take a modest counter-acts, including the right to take serious vandalism behavior .

Yesterday morning, the Xi'an leadership and the Xi'an Public Security Bureau to the hospital to visit Li Jianli, sent flowers and two million condolence payments, and requested the families be assured, "the killer will be brought to justice, will not be too long."

Xi'an police have released the Li Jianli serious injury case suspects, including nine alleged thwarted by the molecules of the photo, continue to encourage the public to provide clues, and urged not yet reached the case, the suspect gave himself up as soon as possible, and strive for leniency.