Aussie Bandits Pick Wrong Night To Rob Bar.

Sydney - A pair of hapless bandits in Australia received a shock when they burst into a Sydney sports club brandishing machetes only to find it occupied by about 50 bikers.

Instead of bagging a sackful of loot on Wednesday night, the pair were chased by bikers from the Southern Cross Cruiser Club, who tackled one robber to the ground then tied him up until police arrived.

"He picked the wrong night I think," the club president, who gave his name only as "Jester", told public radio.

He said he was chairing the club's monthly meeting when someone ran in saying there were two armed robbers in an adjoining room.

"If they'd only looked, right when they walked in the main door, they would have seen 40 or 50 of us sitting there," he said.

"Obviously they couldn't see out of the balaclavas, because they didn't even look. I don't think he did his homework very well."

Police later arrested the second alleged robber in a nearby street. They said one man was under guard in hospital with minor injuries and the other was helping police with their enquiries.